August 2019 Happy Camper

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August 2019 Happy Camper

Happy Camper

August 2019

Welcome to Happy Camper August 2019 edition. This month we are going to cover camper organization tips, ways to save money while traveling and some RV safety ideas. 


RV Organization Tips! 

In the beginning...of your new RV, you probably felt that you had so much room, and then like all good stuff does, more of it accumulated, and then some more, some more and so on! Check out some of these campers' blogs and get some tips to maximize your RV storage. 


Suction Cups!

Use suction cup hooks to hang towels on the side of the RV ::


These strong than normal suction cup hooks can go on the outside of the camper to hang towls, decor and so much more. Head on over to Organizing Made Fun for more. 



Broom Handle Clips

RV Power Adapter Cord Storage Tip




For all the hookups! Love Your RV blog has a great idea to keep your hook up cords tangle free & ready to go. The remaining hookup items go in a rubbermaid container in the same outdoor storage compartment. Check out Love Your RV for more.



Velcro Tabs on Remote





The remote is a master of the hide & seek even made it into my tow vehicle once! Throw a 3M velcro tab on the back and safely secure it inside a local cabinet. Hopefully, you never lose it again. See Laura's Crafty Life for instructions.



Save Money While Traveling in your RV 



Often campers buy an RV to save money on their vacations, but then find the actual cost of travel prohibitive.   Check out these membership sites to save on your overnight costs. 

  • Passport America One of the original 50% off membership sites, Passport America, provides a list of RV campgrounds in North America and offers 50% off nightly rate there are restrictions. Their membership is only $44/year and you can often save that in just a couple night stays. So head on over to their website and see if you plan to camp at any of the campgrounds listed. 
  • Thousand Trails A little more complicated and a little like a timeshare, this membership site may create some huge savings for campers that travel and camp a lot. This membership offers several different tiers, but if you plan on camping in one region and plan ahead, then this might be right for you. If your camping style is a little more dynamic, then this membership isn't for you. 
  • Harvest Hosts We have featured this site before, as a different type of RVing, but you can also use it for some savings. For an annual membership, you can get access to farms, wineries, and other attractions. With over 800 sites, this membership will take campers away from the traditional campground and get a chance to see working farms and wineries. Check out their site for more information. 
  • Boondockers Welcome Boondock at a hosts site and meet fellow camper people! This membership only costs $30 for one year & your expected to give your host a themed gift. If you're looking for a different camping experience this membership may be for you. 


RV Safety Tips - Weather Edition


The weather seems to be unpredictable and dangerous as of late. Follow these safety tips to make the next weather change a bit safer.

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Know where the exit to the park is, closest safety shelter and hospital.
  • Have a plan. Know ahead of time what you plan to do if your family/spouse got separated & what you would do without cell service. 
  • Have weather alerts on your phone. Know ahead of time if bad weather is coming your way. Try apps like Weather Channel or My Radar NOAA.
  • If there is bad weather coming your way, then pack up like you are leaving.  This allows you to quickly leave the area if need be. Remember a Watch is when conditions are favorable to that event, a Warning is when the weather condition has developed. 
  • RVs are not a safe place to take shelter during extreme weather events. 
  • Have a bugout bag & emergency bag. Be sure to include first aid items, flashlights, extra batteries, extra medication and extra food & water. For a pretty inclusive list of what to keep in your emergency check out's list