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The Most Advanced & Versatile Minnie On The Market!

The future of RVing is here. Solar powered, high tech, and built for adventure.

Imagine a world where you can travel anywhere, with nothing but the power of nature at your fingertips. Introducing the Winnebago Micro Minnie FLX! This all-new self-sustaining RV provides environmentally friendly camping for up to 5 days without electrical hookup thanks two 190 watt solar panels that charge an impressive 320-amp-hour lithium-ion battery pack. The FLX has more than enough power to run your appliances and outlets.

Are you ready to take your outdoor adventures beyond the boundaries of what was possible? Without need for electrical or water connections, the FLX allows you to explore faraway lands you once only dreamt of. It doesn't get more rewarding than being out under blue skies surrounded by nature. Learn more here.


The perfect way to explore nature while still enjoying the comforts of home.

Even more upgrades to assure comfort and sustainability while you travel to new sites

Showermiser Water Reclamation System

While running on 12-volt power the Showermiser offers almost instantaneous hot water and reduced waste.

Added Insulation

The extra insulation helps keep the temperature inside the RV right where you want it extending camping season wherever you go.

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