How to Stop Mice in your RV

Mice picture

As camping season starts to come in full swing, we find that we may have had some unwanted campers! The dreaded rodent camper is always an unwelcome guest. Besides being unclean, they can destroy just about everything in the RV. Many find out way too late that an overzealous mouse can destroy wires, water lines, cabinetry, walls and any soft material they can use for nesting. Read on to find some great ways to stop these unwanted guests. 

If your RV is stored where there is power or next to a power outlet, then consider an ultra sonic rodent repeller. These plug in units emmit a frequency that confuses mice and makes it hard for them to adjust to their surroundings. Somewhat like playing loud rock music, all the time. They don't want to live around that. 

Another great mice deterrent is repellent sprays. You can make your own with one of these great recipes from Often these don't last as long as store bought brands, but you also know exactly what you are spraying around your RV (and family). If a store brought is preferred, then look at Tomcat® Repellents Rodent Spray. It gets great reviews across multiple retailers and is rain resistant and lasts 30 days. 

Suggestions from our great customers include

  • spray foaming any exterior camper holes and while it sets up add some steel wool shavings
  • Place dryer sheets EVERYWHERE, as the mice hate the smell
  • Same idea as dryersheets, but use mothballs
  • Mouse traps

We hope you found this information on keeping mice out of your RV helpful. If you have won the mice war, then please share your battle plan with us.