RV Tips – Submitted by Happy Campers!

Stuff steel wool in holes that look like mice get into, and then spray foam. Foam keeps it in place, and mice won’t chew through the wool. – Visitor at RV show

Magazine or folder holder in plate cabinet. Store paper plates, napkins and the like vertically to save room and stop things from shifting around. Can also stick to the inside of the cabinet with 3M stickies – keeps the bottom of the cabinet open for other items. - Aimee

Hang broom clips by RV door and put flashlights in them. Always want a flashlight outside of the RV – Gayle

Rods and magnetic strips are you best friend. Store your knifes up and out of reach on a magnetic strip. Hang S hooks from a tension rod to hang miscellaneous items (measuring cups, lighter, leashes, etc) - Aimee

Make a PVC shoe rack and store shoes upright for more space, and to air out some of your stinkier shoes - Caroline

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