Sharing Moments with Family

We come in contact with great people on a daily basis, but every once in a while, we run into individuals that we find remarkable. Someone who touches our heart so much that we thought we would try something different and share it with you, our community. A lesson from others, a feel good story that makes you smile, sort of thing. Let us know if you like it, and we will keep sending these stories your way.

This past RV show we came in contact with a customer that has been driving past our lot and dreaming of an RV for over 2 years. They, like us believed everything was better while camping, and needed a way to make that happen for their family. Camping was an opportunity to open up a new world for their special needs daughter, and make her smile.

They started to make their dream a reality by visiting Butler RV Center at the Pittsburgh RV show, and checking out all the available floor plans and options. On their list of must haves was; bunks, lots of storage, open feel, slide (floor space), and did we mention lots of storage! We directed them to the Cherokee line, and it was love at first site when they saw the Cherokee 264CK.

Cherokee 264CK


This trailer is a unique twist on a bunkhouse featuring a center kitchen and lots of extras like deep dinette drawers, strategically placed cup holders and friction sprung doors (don’t fly open from a gust of wind). This trailer’s floorplan gives them plenty of floor space and features a stepless slide, making it easier for the entire family to get in and out of dinette.

Stepless Slide

There is also plenty of storage in this trailer with a floor to ceiling pantry, plenty of storage drawers throughout the trailer, pass through storage on the exterior front of trailer, and an extra storage box in the rear. All that storage gave them the ability to take all they needed to make their camping both safe and fun.

Dinette Drawers

One of the biggest floorplan benefits of the 264CK was the open bunkhouse design. A roomier bunk bed set, that allows the sleeper to see and be seen from most of the trailer. There is a privacy curtain for those moments when a little more privacy is desired, but overall the open stair gives it an open feel.

Open Stair Bunkbeds

One last trailer requirement was making it comfortably towable behind their existing truck. Cherokee makes some great trailers that are relatively light for the amount of living space and quality of trailer you’re towing. The 264CK pulls in with a GVWR 7,847, a physically possible weight for most of the ½ ton trucks on the market. This trailer becomes even more comfortable towing with the dual axles that reducing road shimmy and make it track better.

Finally they worked with our team, who are specialists at RV financing, to get the best deal and financing available. They were almost ready to make their RV camping dream happen, and just had to make sure they were making the best decision for their needs. We got the privilege to talk to them several more times over the next couple months. They came back to make sure everything would work, taking measurements, double checking they remembered details in the layout and ensuring this would work for them. We loved every minute! They were going to make sure this RV was more than first blush love, and definitely put in the time to make sure this was the trailer for them.

We may have been more excited than they were when they took delivery of their RV. Their love and excitement for camping was contagious and was definitely a bug that had spread through our team. We hope they stay in contact, share lots of pictures, and stop in to see us every once in a while (in between camping adventures of course!)

We feel truly blessed to have met this family and even more blessed that they agreed to let us share this story with friends, family and fellow campers. We appreciate them for allowing us to be part of their RVing journey and hope that camping in their new RV brings smiles to all of them.