Choosing an RV

Ready to explore the country? Looking to get away for a weekend? Just want a permanent camp that is enclosed and easy to maintain?

These are just a few questions to ask when deciding on an RV, but they all lead to the same thing; what are you planning on going in your RV and what are you planning on doing in your RV? Make this decision with your family and create a list of items you will need and capabilities you will need from you RV and this will help in making your decision. Have it? Now let’s complicate and add a budget to your criteria. Ready? Now lets move onto the different types of RVs. Be warned, there are numerous options

Types of RV


Motorhomes are exactly what their title implies; they have a motor and living quarter areas combined. These are the kind you drive. These are broken out into classes:

Class A

These are the largest, and are typically what people envision when they think of RVs. Mostly used by stars and athletes, but are becoming more common with everyday campers. These are a good option if you are planning on the road constantly, want to tow a vehicle and have a larger budget. Downsides are you have to plan ahead due to size (height and length), take gas mileage into consideration and unfortunately if you break down then you need to find a garage that specializes in larger vehicles. We currently get used Class As on our lot, and these can be an affordable option for campers looking to switch to a larger motorhome.

Class B

Looking somewhat an oversized van, Class Bs are commonly known as camper vans. Has all your amenities but are very small. Typically shower and toilet are combined in one space. Pros to this group is they are smaller, can be easier to drive, and have the best fuel economy of motorhomes. Cons is the space and storage. These aren’t as popular as other RVs and we rarely get used Class Bs on our lot.

Class C

The compromise between Class A and B, but doesn’t compromise on the good items. Pros they sleep more, and often come with slide to improve your interior space. They often have under cabin storage to increase overall storage. It is able to tow a separate car, and allows you to go explore your surroundings without taking your RV with you. These are a good option for couples and families depending on layout, but are still priced higher then fifth wheels or travel trailers. We currently new and used Class C motorhomes.

RV Trailers

Often considered the more affordable option for RVers, as your tow vehicle can often be one of your everyday vehicles. Trailers can range from large to small and manufacturers have come out with floor plans, options and weights that meet all types of customer needs.

Fifth Wheels

Often larger than tow behind trailers, Fifth Wheels get their name because they hitch directly over the rear axle of the truck. They are bigger, heavier and typically more stable to drive than travel trailers. Due to the fifth wheel hitch, they are multilevel and often have a few stairs to climb and that same hitch is often easier to hook up. They come with options that make them more luxurious and have more storage than travel trailers. Popular among full timers and larger families, these trailers often have bunk rooms, extra bathrooms and larger living rooms. Items to consider is the height and length of Fifth Wheels, and you will have to plan ahead when traveling on back roads or camping in limited space campgrounds. We currently offer several new and used options for Fifth Wheels.

Travel Trailers

Tows nicely behind a well matched tow vehicles. Everything stays on one level, have more tow options than trucks, and can be easier for dry camping. These are generally less expensive than fifth wheels, but are generally smaller, have less storage and have lower ceilings. Manufacturers have really stepped up their game, and have added lots of creative floorplans that give campers more spacious and usable spaces. We currently offer several new and used options of Travel Trailers.

Still Undecided?

Then stop in and see us. Our specialists are passionate and can talk (and show) through the buying process. They have helped hundreds of campers find their dream RV and can do the same for you.